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Why Choose EMS training?

When compared to conventional training, EMS outperforms in every way. The below table shows some of the main benefits:

 Why Choose Exerceo Exerceo Training  Conventional Training 
 Training Time 25 min 90 min
Convenience  1 or 2x per week 5x per week
Expected visible results  Average 4 training sessions Average 15-20 training sessions 
 Calories burnt 500 calories per session, but up to 3000 over 48 hour period Up to 300 calories per session
Strength improvement  up to 3x faster 1x

Three important facts you need to know about EMS



The electrical current is low impulse and completely safe. Whilst the sessions can be intense, the actual feeling of the current is gentle and non-invasive. Our trainers will tailor your routine so you won’t be stretched beyond your personal capabilities.



EMS will help you to achieve your fitness goals and target shape. So whether you are a professional athlete, or someone that hasn’t exercised for years, we can help you. We would welcome clients as young as eighteen, or as old as ninety!  



We will set you achievable training goals, and track your progress on a monthly basis. If you stick to our programme, there is no reason why you won’t achieve your target body shape in a short period of time.


EMS will help you in all sorts of ways. With our help, you can achieve sustainable results,quickly.

Fitness and Personal Training

Fitness EMS Training
EMS training is scientifically proven to achieve fast, sustainable results that will start to boost your levels of fitness from the first time you use the equipment. The electrical impulses will spread to each part of your body, exercising each muscle group.

Our expert trainers will create a program tailored to help you achieve an optimal level of fitness, so that you feel faster, stronger, and fitter after just a few sessions. Here are just a few of the benefits:
_ More energy
_ Improved speed
_ Increased strength
_ Improved endurance
_ Higher mobility
_ Ability to carry larger loads
_ Avoid injuries
_ Compensate for age-related loss of strength


Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Physio EMS Training
Electric muscle stimulation is commonly used to repair and strengthen your muscles and joints. It is very popular with those recovering from injury, because it places no strain on your joints or tendons. It can also help improve brittle bones. 

This benefit is unique to EMS as it targets the muscle groups independently, and the impulses themselves are transmitted directly onto the targeted muscles, bypassing the joints entirely.

Here are some of the many health benefits of using EMS:
_ Reduced backache
_ Improved posture
_ Improved blood circulation
_ Prevents bone fracture and osteoporosis
_ Improves mental ability
_ Boosts your immune system


Beauty and Appearance

Fat loss EMS Training
Let’s be honest, most people go to the gym because they want to look good. If you want to tone up, lose weight , gain muscle or reduce appearance of cellulite, then we can help. With conventional training, it takes a long time, not to mention effort to achieve the results you want.

Think of all the runs during dark winter nights, pull-ups, or weight exercises that need to be done. You should start to feel fitter and experience visible results within four sessions of using EMS. Not only that, but you'll also start to feel good too. However, the longer that you use the equipment, the better the results will be. Below are the expected results for a medium build individual, working out twice per week.
_ Rapid toning
_ Reduced cellulite
_ Improved skin
_ Rapid fat loss
_ Improved flexibility
_ Increased stamina


The quick and lasting results

Below are the expected results for a medium build individual, working out twice per week, using EMS. Remember, you only have to come twice per week, for 25 minutes each time to achieve similar results. 
In 6 weeks:
_ The average body fat will decrease by around 4%
In 10 weeks:
_ Women achieve a reduction of between 1.5 – 2cm in the waist and hips

_Men achieve a reduction of between 2 – 2.5cm and increase their muscle size in their legs, chest, and arms by 1 – 2cm
In 12 weeks:
_ Achieve weight loss
of between 3-4kg

_ Reduce your body fat ratio by up to 10%

_Reduction of around 6-7cm in the waist, and 2cm in the upper arm.

Get the body you want, in a fraction of the time

The 25 minute workout

The Future of Fitness. TODAY

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