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There have been a number of studies by prominent universities about the effectiveness of EMS.

The History of EMS

Whilst EMS might seem like a thoroughly modern exercise trend, its origins stretch as far back as the 18th century and beyond. From humble beginnings in Asia Minor to the exercise phenomenon it is today, EMS has had a long and interesting journey.

Back in 200 BC Claudius Galenus discovered that illnesses such as headaches and gout could be treated using a natural electric current. Through the application of his forward-thinking research, Galenus was the first to discover that EMS might be beneficial to the strength and wellbeing of the human body.

Skip forwards in 1780 and in the studio of Luigi Galvani a frog’s leg contracts as the result of electronic stimulation. This scientific breakthrough showed that electric currents could be used to elicit a controlled contraction from a muscle but it took almost another 100 years for the first meaningful book to be published on the subject. Arthur Garrett’s ‘Electrophysiology and Electrotherapy’ was published in 1860 and detailed the ways in which EMS could be used to effectively aid those with reduced mobility and muscle function.

In 1939 scientists discovered that mammals experienced higher muscle function when those muscles were electrically simulated, but it wasn’t until 1971 that this was proved on humans as well, with their subjects showing up to a 40% gain in strength. By the 1990s EMS as we recognise it today was born, and was becoming a regular feature both in fitness workouts and physiotherapy.

Now EMS is used as a part of a workout for athletes and professionals looking to get fit in half the time. This amazing technology is also used by astronauts to aid muscle atrophy, and continues to play an important role in many physiotherapy sessions.

So, whilst being covered in wires and using electric impulses to improve your fitness might seem a little sci-fi, its actually one of the most ancient ways of improving muscle performance and fitness. Join the tradition and book your first EMS training session today.


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