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We’ve had a number of journalists and bloggers in the studio recently,
all of which had lovely things to say about us. Here is what they had to say about the training:

The Sunday

“Your muscles do all the work without the monotony of hours
in the gym...the pain is worth the

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The Guardian:

“It was awful, but what a workout. I mean, I'm writing this the next day and I can't really move my arms, but I'm still going back next week.”

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“I'd recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their workout. I haven't felt this level of muscle fatigue in years and its left me buzzing for more.”

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Sky News:

“If you are short on time, its this sort of exercise  .... you will want to include in your regime.”

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The Sun:

"Although classes are expensive, its worth it becuase, in terms of muscle growth, its up to five times more effective than traditional strength training with weights"

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Men's Fitness:

“After eight Exerceo sessions i can go heavier with overhead presses than i could before the classes and i now regularly hold planks for over two months”

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Gay Times:

“The electricity felt welcome, warm and nice. I felt my muscles working harder and being stimulated. It was great.”

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PT Magazine:

“Utilising only basic bodyweight exercises, the sessions are gentle on the joints yet still work 90% of your muscles.”

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Healthy Living London:

“The saved time and convenience of these sessions is a huge selling point. No workout gear required and it’s a workout you can honestly do within your lunch break, be showered and back at your desk within the hour.”

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“The electric impulses made everything feel soooooo much more intense. Like 21 thousand times more intense plus a billion.”

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“If you want to take a serious approach to weight loss in a small amount of time I highly recommend this all-pain all-gain extreme exercise.”

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“A workout with Exerceo will span 25 minutes – so it’s a perfect way to fit in a full body workout when you’re time is limited. You definitely leave knowing you’ll be sore the next day… and the day after. When you’re looking for results, this is the best feeling.”

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Lucy Lunges:

“Exerceo is perfect for those pushed for time but looking for an intense workout, at only 25 minutes and with no kit to carry, it's easy to fit into a lunch break. ”

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Bobby Nayyar:

“These were all very simple on their own: bicep and tricep curls, squats, lunges, press ups and planks, but with the added electricity, it quickly became like training at the edge of your ability.”

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Filthy Gorgeous Make Up:

“As much as I love my weight training for building lean muscle and strength the EMS method is truly effective for strengthening, endurance, core work and really rounding off your training.”

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Red Velvet London:

“It was a unique workout; a lot of fun and not too difficult.”

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