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Trial sessions are £10 - You can also come with a friend!


Session Costs

We offer two different types of sessions: One to One, and Paired Sessions. These are explained below but it is important to note that if you purchase sessions, they can be used at any of our studios, at any time we are open.

These are one-to-one training sessions, with just you and the trainer. If you want bespoke sessions, with close personal attention, these are most suitable sessions. We will design a plan just for you, and will closely monitor your progress over the course of sessions.

Paired / Class Based Training Sessions:
In these sessions, the capacity is set to two people, or three if you are attending classes at our Moorgate studio. If you attend these classes, you’ll be matched up with whoever attends the classes at the same time as you. You could be lucky and be on your own, but equally, we have found that many people prefer training alongside others. Clients bounce off one another and motivate each other to work harder! *NB* if you want to sign up with a friend, we offer a 5% discount on our paired session pricing. Email us at hello@exerceotraining.co.uk for the discount code.

Contracts VS Session Bundles: 
The most cost-effective method of training is to choose a contract, which entitle you to one or two sessions per week over the contract duration. However, you are not allowed to pause the contract, or use more than your alloted sessions each week (to make up for holiday weeks or those where you miss training). If you want flexibility, session bundles have long expiry dates, and the sessions can be used at any time.  
No. Sessions One to One Paired
Trial Session £10 BUY -
10 Sessions  £420 BUY £300 BUY
20 Sessions £780 BUY £550 BUY
12 Week Contract (1 Session Per Week) £360 (£30 per class) BUY
12 Week Contract (2 Sessions Per Week) £660 (£27.5 per class) BUY
24 Week Contract (1 Session Per Week)   £600 (£25 per class) BUY
24 Week Contract (2 Sessions Per Week)   £1080 (£22.5 per class) BUY

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