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There have been a number of studies by prominent universities about the effectiveness of EMS.

Clinical Studies

Research from Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a six week
training program with EMS. Other studies are also reported below.

88% of people tested reduced their back pain. Over 30% of those reported their recurring back problems had disappeared.

75% showed improvement with incontinence problems, while 33% of those were cured of incontinence altogether.
Overall maximum strength ability increased by 12% while endurance/fitness levels improved by 69%.

Training with higher intensity produced effective results, especially with subjects who suffered from recurring pain and other ailments. It also resulted in enhanced muscle definition and tone.
On average, 85% of people tested felt an improvement of their body shape and 90% ranked the EMS training method as positive.

The values that were measured underscore the fact that whole body EMS-training is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights.


Research from the University of Erlanghen-Nurnberg (2009):

“Full body EMS training leads to significant effects on body composition of elderly people, which occur already after a short training period (45 min/week) and a short intervention period (14 weeks). Therefore, EMS training is a valuable alternative to conventional training methods for people with low cardiac and orthopaedic strength."


Research from the University of Bayreuth (2003):

“The full body EMS-training is a good method to reduce widespread back pain yet also increases the body strength and is equal to or better than results from conventional strength training. Improvements to body shape and overall mood were appealing to men and women of all age groups alike. In conclusion, the study supports full body EMS training as an effective training method, which will benefits a broad range of target groups.”

and speed

Research from the German Sport University Cologne (2009):

“Full body EMS training was the only training method that succeeded in improving the speed factor within the overall performance. In addition, the results achieved by this training methodology open up new possibilities for frequency and duration of training. The regular use of EMS training in combination with dynamic movement is a promising combination for improved strength, endurance and speed work.”


Research from the University of Bayreuth (2002):

“The full body EMS training is an effective training that achieves therapeutic effects for the relief of discomforts caused by incontinence. It is also a preventive training that builds muscles, enhances body physique, improves mood, and increases vitality, body stability and overall performance.”

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