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There have been a number of studies by prominent universities about the effectiveness of EMS.

Your Exerceo Session

The sessions are created with you in mind. Each session is personalised to your specifications, and last twenty-five minutes. You can expect to arrive, exercise, shower, change and be out of the door 40 mins after arriving - and remember, you dont have to bring anything with you!



5 mins

Arrive for your booked appointment, where you will be given a quick briefing on EMS, and asked to sign a disclaimer.

You will be directed to our changing room to put on a cotton suit which is used in conjunction with the equipment.



Gear Up

3 mins

Once changed, you will be given a specially fitted suit, which is used to conduct the electric pulses to your body.

The suit is comprised of four parts, and comprises electrodes on the arms, legs, bottom and torso areas. The trainers will help you put on the suit, and will ensure that it comfortably fits your body.



Work Out

25 mins

First time customers will be given pre exercise instructions, and then the workout will begin. Your trainer will lead you through a series of exercises, designed to stimulate different muscle groups.

The intensity of impulses will be varied according to your fitness level and goals.



Work Out

5 mins

Enjoy a refreshing shower after your workout.

We will lend you a clean towel so you can enjoy the rest of your day feeling clean and energised!


Training Programmes

Comparison vs Conventional Training

Our three most common training goals are Weight Loss, Muscle Strength and Body Toning. However, we can design exercise programs for any need. So if you want a flat tummy, or to reduce cellulite, or if you have just had a baby, please get in touch, and we’ll create something just for you.

Body Tone

Our Body toning program is specifically designed to improve the quality of the muscle tissue by eliminating the excess fat and strengthening specific parts of the body. 

This programme has been designed to help with:

_Toned muscle appearance
_Body fat reduction
_Increased muscle strength
_Reduced cellulite
_Improved muscle rehabilitation

Muscle Build

Our muscle program is not just about those that want to build larger muscles. It has also been designed for those that want to strengthen their muscles after injury. Because EMS is up to five times faster than conventional training at stimulating deep tissue muscle growth, we can help you with:

_Increase muscle size
_Improve posture
_Improved health
_Rapid fat loss
_Improved muscle rehabilitation

Weight Loss

Fat loss is one of the most common, yet challenging fitness goals. EMS is an incredibly effective method of targeting fat due to the penetrative effects of the low impulse electrical current. The technology burns fat up to 3x faster than conventional training. This program will help with:

_Reduction in body fat
_Reduced appearance of cellulite
_Volume reduction
_Toning of muscles
_Firmer and stronger appearance


Get the body you want, in a fraction of the time

The 25 minute workout

The Future of Fitness. TODAY

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The Future of Fitness. TODAY
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