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Exerceo Office Sessions

Exerceo offer sessions in offices and corporate
locations anywhere in zones 1-2 London.
Our sessions last just 25 minutes, and can be delivered with up to two people at the same time.

Including a shower, this means that your colleagues can have an intense workout, equivalent to 90 minutes, and be back at their desks within 40 minutes! We can transport our machine, and all equipment, direct to your office. We will provide marketing materials, including an email template, posters, and leaflets that can be used to promote the training. EMS is guaranteed to be a talking point, and it’s perfect for busy workers. It will keep them happy and healthy, but most importantly, it won’t take too much time out of their day.

Session prices start from £10 (for trials), and regular sessions will be anything from £30-£40, depending on how many sessions are bought. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing, as our session prices differ from our studio prices.

In order to accommodate us, we require the following:
_ At least 100 sq ft of space (preferably in a gym or private meeting room)
_ Showers on site You don’t need to have a gym on site, and all sessions will be covered under our insurance policy.

For more information and to book a corporate day, please contact hello@exerceotraining.co.uk

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The 25 minute workout

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